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Flamerick Art Blog

Art blog for Flamerick Art on Youtube. This will track daily musings of Goh Daolin and his art works and review current trends and new scrapbooking and mixed media products. 


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Made With Love Design Team Project: Letter Writing Kit

Daolin Goh

Items are available at Made With Love:

Materials used:

Papers and Embellishments:
Maggie Holmes Flourish 6 x 6 pad
Maggie Holmes Flourish Always, Perennial and Provence
OneCanoeTwo Twilight Flight of Moths
Maggie Holmes Flourish Embroidered Patch
Maggie Holmes Flourish Wood Frames

Media and Stamps:
Distress Oxide Peacock Feathers
Stamp Anonymous Tim Holtz Noble Gents

WRMK Envelope Punch
WRMK Mini Envelope Punch
Mint Stitch Happy (Psst: they are having a sale now, go get it!)

Remember those days where people used to write each other letters rather than sending an email or text? I grew up in the generation that experienced the transition of analogue to automated technologies, and I often find myself enamored by the older way of doing things. 

I love technology (just in case the readers think I'm an old-fashion-live-in-a-cave-luddite), but handwritten correspondences still always finds a way into my heart. This time for the DT project, I decided to make a Letter Writing Kit with the paper and the envelopes all decorated ready for the words to be filled onto the paper and ready for a stamp and address to send it off. 

Maggie Holmes' Flourish collection is one of, if not my most, favorite collection coming out of Creativation 2018. I made many of my embellishments from the cutouts of from the 6 by 6 and the 12 by 12 papers. The WRMK's Stitch Happy helped me in making some truly unique embellishments ready to be used on the box, letters and the envelopes. 

Fussy cut!!!

Fussy cut!!!


Next, I proceeded to make a box from scratch. You could of course use an old box and alter them but I wanted to make my own. For those who want to make your own, the instructions are as below:

1) Cut out 5 chip board or grey board to 4 5/8 inches by 4 5/8 inches
2) Cut out 2 pieces of 4 5/8 inches by 5 5/8 inches (Piece A)) from kraft cardstock while scoring on the longer side 1/2 inch from each sides
3) Cut out 3 pieces of 5 5/8 inches by 5 5/8 inches (Piece B) from kraft cardstock  while scoring 1/2 inch from all sides.
4) Use washi tape to join all four pieces to the centre piece to make a cross shape, make sure to leave about 1/8 inch apart from each piece so it is easier to fold into a box later.
5) stick each of the Piece A and Piece B opposite one another to the four outside pieces. Flip the box around to stick Piece B onto the center. 
6) Fold up the box and stick the flaps onto the respective edges and you get a surface that one can alter. I recommend the Beacons 3 in 1 glue which is also available at Made With Love for this as it is a good heavy duty strong glue. 


Finally I went decorating using the gorgeous paper and embellishments I've made. Enjoy!

The tiny fram cut out is from the frames' packaging!

The tiny fram cut out is from the frames' packaging!

Made With Love Design Team Project - DIY Christmas Decorations

Daolin Goh

This is how you know Christmas is coming.

1. There are less and less people working in the office.
2. It is harder to get people for meetings. 
3. The shopping malls are playing Christmas songs (thank God for Pentatonix!)
4. And you have loads of Christmas gifts and commissioned work to make. 

I still managed to take time out to make some simple but effective Christmas tree decorations (including a paper bauble hot air balloon with a deer in it!) Pictures down below. Enjoy!

*All supplies are available at Made with Love*

Supplies used:

Tim Hotlz 8" by 8" Mini Stash Paper Pad
Simple Stories 12" by 12" Very Merry Collection - Happy Holidays and O Holy Night Collection - The First Noel
Graphics 45 12" by 12" Winter Wonderland Collection: Woodland Whimsy, Holly Berries, Rustic Holiday, Scandinavian Sampler
Kaisercraft Romatique Gold Frames Paper with Foil
Size 8 Tags

Tim Holtz Ideology Christmas Quote Chips
Tim Holtz Ideology Christmas Decorative Deer
Tim Holtz Ideology Bouquet
Red White Baker's Twine, Green Twine
Tim Holtz Ideology Design Tape Aristocrat

Tim Holtz Sizzix Paper Rosette and Mini Paper Rosette
Tim Holtz Sizzix Bigz Tiny Houses and Scroll
American Craft Red Cardstock


Hanami Garden Mini Album and Cards

Daolin Goh

This is one of my favorite things out of Creativation 2017. When I saw it finally at my local scrap booking store, I knew I would need to do a mini album with it. 

And this Japanese themed sort of look has been in trend for quite a while. I used two releases from Hero Arts stamp to add to the image including the layered Koi and the origami from last year's release. 

I even made some cards because the papers were just so pretty. 

I even found some papers in my stash that worked well with it like the scrap piece from Basic Grey. 

The video flip through below. Enjoy!!!

5 Questions and Made With Love Design Team Project 12

Daolin Goh

Hey all! Sorry that I have been away! Been too caught up "eating sand" when I was called back for outfield in the Air Force for the entire month of October. 

For my international readers, in Singapore, all healthy men are required to be conscripted into the Army/Air Force/Navy for two years after the age of 16. After that two years, we are still called back annually for training and exercises which sometimes involves going off to deserts or the forests for a short period. 

That aside, it seems that I will be putting up more content from now on since the "dust have settled" so to speak. 

For this round of Design Team, we were given 5 questions to share about ourselves as designers and as people. In between the sharing below, I will be sharing a project I did for the store which are mostly from Safari Adventure Collection from Graphic 45 and is available at Made with Love. 

1) Who am I ?

Probably the hardest question out of the lot! I often pride myself in trading off parts of my identity to discover and learn new things so every attempt to answer this question is merely a snapshot of the person I am at the current moment. I was born and raised in Singapore and I am a Pharmacist by training working in a local government-linked hospital. My role focuses on health bioinformatics, procurement and supply chain.  If I am not crafting, you can find me reading, pondering about life, or working out in a gym.  

2) What is my creative style ?

As a reflection of my desire to explore different facets of life through different lenses, my creative style is often quite varied, allowing different influences, both contemporary and traditional, to inform my works. I have found myself gravitating towards old vintage designs or strong graphical/geometric styles.

3) What inspires me ?


For me, it isn't just the visual components of daily life that inspire me but the ability to feel these things: like a brick wall, a texture of variety of fabrics, and my most favorite is that of paper! I often also turn to the online community through platforms like Pinterest, Youtube and Facebook to allow other works to inspire me from time to time (especially when I am in a state of creative drought!)

4 What I love about being Singaporean ?

Friends and family. This is the place where I have met most of the people who are important to me and have made this place home. 

5) What do I wish for ?

I wish for people to extend graciousness rather than selfishness, and embrace an attitude of abundance rather than scarcity. We can all afford to win one less argument, and to share what we have with another. 

Til next time!

Creative Chemistry 103 Tags!

Daolin Goh

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the class this round compared to the previous two classes and one of my favorite techniques mostly came from day 5 when they did alcohol inks on yupo which was an amazing gateway into the whole thing of painting with alcohol inks. Some of the tags as below.

In addition, I really did like the distress glaze resist technique and the offset stamping on the first day!

The class would be ending it's interactive run by 12th after which it would be available as a self-paced class but it is really worth the value to do the class still. 


Till next time!

BasicGrey UrbanLuxe Collection Review

Daolin Goh

It should not be news by now that this will be BasicGrey's last offering into the papercrafting industry and they would not be focusing on their fabric and customised prints business. 

So this makes this first review all the more bittersweet. One of the things about BasicGrey's designs is that while remaining trendy, they do make sure to do something different in terms of the design or the color palette. Urban Luxe is of no exception. 

As with all complicated and saturated pattern paper, it is important to remember the following when making your scrapbook layouts or using it for craft. 

1) Alternate patterns of different sizes otherwise they may distract from the focal point as it may be too jarring
2) Select only a couple of monochromatic patterns of up to two different contrasting colors (e.g. blue and yellow) and build a layout around it and avoid other color schemes available in the collection (you don't have to be that ambitious!). 
3) Give areas of white/black/neutral-color spaces to separate between the different complex patterns to allow them to lay side by side but not in direct contact with one another.