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Flamerick Art Blog

Art blog for Flamerick Art on Youtube. This will track daily musings of Goh Daolin and his art works and review current trends and new scrapbooking and mixed media products. 


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Made With Love Design Team Project - 2018 Resolution Layout

Daolin Goh

All items are available at Made with Love. 

Papers: Kaisercraft Documented 12 by 12 papers: Desktop, Pencils, Chalkboard, Ledger, Lockers, Measurement
Embellishments: Collectables Documented Die Cut Shapes


New year resolutions: one of the yearly rituals that I have a love-hate relationship with.

But there is a certain necessity that demands this ritual. It is not really so much the resolutions themselves that is important but rather what it represents about the year before and the desire that I want to achieve it. 

1. Getting rid of things that don't bring me joy: 
Consumerism is often feeling the emptiness in our hearts but ironically, bringing us less joy for each new thing we buy. Especially for crafters, we have all these wonderful things that is suppose to inspire us. Instead, too much supplies bring us guilt when the paints harden, the ink pads dry up and the washi tape don't stick well anymore. So this year, I want to look through the things which are just there collecting dust and giving them new homes and focus on using a small limited set of supplies which are often more than enough to get the job done.

2. Save more money:
Because we can always save just a little more for future rainy days. And as above, I really don't have to spend so much, right?

3. Be a better brother and son:
There is always a little guilt each year when I reflect back on my relationships and realized I have gotten mad when I should not have or gotten impatient with my loved ones for very small things. May I strive to be better this year. 


4. Lead. Don't Wallow:
In the past year, in my relationships and at work, I find myself sometimes paralyzed and then my lack of decision causes things to go south. I end up feeling even more depressed and anxious and everything spirals into a toxic cycle where I feel even more paralyzed. It is time to become brave and break this cycle. 

5. Increase flexibility and functional fitness:
Last year, a few injuries on my back muscles caused excruciating pain at my hips, lower back and spine, and put me out of being physically active for a good part of the year. All because I have not have focus on the correct posture, have not been focusing on my form and flexibility. These are things that I often take for granted when I was young. Here's to a healthier physical body. 


6. Get things done:
Procrastination, and consequently pulling magic out of a hat at the very last minute, only work so often. Getting things done can also help encourage me and give me a sense of accomplishment. If being joyful and happy starts with the mundane, I should be focusing on all the little victories I can get. 

7. Read 6 books:
If one doesn't read new perspectives and learn new things, one can really regress in self-reflexivity and stop growing mentally and emotionally . Especially in in becoming busier and busier each day, it is important to equip myself with knowledge, both in breadth and depth. 

Here's to a happy 2018 everyone! What are your resolutions for 2018 and the reflection for the year of 2017? 


Made with Love Design Team Project 13 Mixed Media Panel

Daolin Goh

*All supplies are available at Made With Love

When I first started out dabbling into paper crafts, I was very afraid of colour. And by afraid, I meant everything was overly distressed brown or I'll just work with black, whites or browns exclusively. 

Wood Veneers colored by watercolor!

Eventually, I realised how much I was keeping myself from the range of colours and techniques out there. So I resolved to learn how colours work with lessons on colours and composition and lots of research. And all these efforts it bore much fruit. 

The magic of acrylic paints on the background

Mediums were the best way that colours could be introduced to any paper project. Knowing the properties of the paint, is essential to help a person control these mediums but ultimately, also letting the medium do their magic. In my opinion, serendipity is often partially planned (i.e. one really needs to make the condition for happy accidents to happen!)

Do not be afraid of colours and mediums

Fret not, in the list below, I'll cover a little bit about acrylic paints and watercolours, and their properties especially those which are available in the scrapbook/craft industry. All that I've used in these projects are also available at the Made With Love store. 

Acrylic paints:
Main Properties: 
1) Opaque
2) Permanent
3) Dry quickly and does not crack as easily

Additional Special properties of different products:
1) Distress paints:
Thin-bodied and when not dried yet, the water reacts and can be removed creating texture of water drops.
2) Art Anthology:
Heavy-bodied, glossy and sort of a cross between modelling paste and acrylic paints. Keeps the shape of the brush or palette strokes and can work over stencils. Usually takes 1-2 hours to dry. 
3) Prima Paints:
Thin-bodied, more mica than pigment with metallic and shimmery effects having slight translucency and less opaque than usual acrylic paints. 

Watercolour paints:
Main Properties:
1) Translucent to almost transparent
2) Soluble with water and not permanent and easily reactive with water
3) Important to work on porous surfaces which allow for water to flow for some time before absorbing onto the surface
4) Dries slightly lighter than when wet (important!)

Made with Love Design Team Project 10

Daolin Goh

Sometimes, when uninspired, create inspiration! And that's what this week's project is all about.

I was scouring through my pinterest pins and then saw a picture of neatly arranged vintage items as a mood board. Then I remember where I've seen many of these: design and fashion magazines.

In short, they are neatly arranged objects (sometimes product placements) of thematically similar items that invoke a certain emotion, or express a certain message.

I really love vintage ephemeras and items. Therefore, this mood board is precisely inspired by those items. 

Papers: Prima, Simple Stories
Embellishments: Tim Holtz, Prima

1) Keep them straight. Arrange things in a organised perpendicular manner. It is far easier to manipulate to achieve balance.
2) Forget symmetry. It would make the project tough to manage. Instead, focus on effective layerings and focal points instead.
3) Keep within the theme. That's what a mood board is. Keep both the colour and style variations of different elements to a minimum and that will ensure success. 
4) Layer, layer, layer. Continue to maintain the modular nature of the focal points but don't forget to layer to break excessively separated elements: for instance, I used the brush to connect the top and bottom wooden panel and the layered the ephemera to connect the wooden panels to the stamped cloth image.

Thanks for reading, til next time! 

*All supplies available at Made with Love* 

BasicGrey UrbanLuxe Collection Review

Daolin Goh

It should not be news by now that this will be BasicGrey's last offering into the papercrafting industry and they would not be focusing on their fabric and customised prints business. 

So this makes this first review all the more bittersweet. One of the things about BasicGrey's designs is that while remaining trendy, they do make sure to do something different in terms of the design or the color palette. Urban Luxe is of no exception. 

As with all complicated and saturated pattern paper, it is important to remember the following when making your scrapbook layouts or using it for craft. 

1) Alternate patterns of different sizes otherwise they may distract from the focal point as it may be too jarring
2) Select only a couple of monochromatic patterns of up to two different contrasting colors (e.g. blue and yellow) and build a layout around it and avoid other color schemes available in the collection (you don't have to be that ambitious!). 
3) Give areas of white/black/neutral-color spaces to separate between the different complex patterns to allow them to lay side by side but not in direct contact with one another.