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BasicGrey UrbanLuxe Collection Review

Flamerick Art Blog

Art blog for Flamerick Art on Youtube. This will track daily musings of Goh Daolin and his art works and review current trends and new scrapbooking and mixed media products. 


BasicGrey UrbanLuxe Collection Review

Daolin Goh

It should not be news by now that this will be BasicGrey's last offering into the papercrafting industry and they would not be focusing on their fabric and customised prints business. 

So this makes this first review all the more bittersweet. One of the things about BasicGrey's designs is that while remaining trendy, they do make sure to do something different in terms of the design or the color palette. Urban Luxe is of no exception. 

As with all complicated and saturated pattern paper, it is important to remember the following when making your scrapbook layouts or using it for craft. 

1) Alternate patterns of different sizes otherwise they may distract from the focal point as it may be too jarring
2) Select only a couple of monochromatic patterns of up to two different contrasting colors (e.g. blue and yellow) and build a layout around it and avoid other color schemes available in the collection (you don't have to be that ambitious!). 
3) Give areas of white/black/neutral-color spaces to separate between the different complex patterns to allow them to lay side by side but not in direct contact with one another.