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Flamerick Art Blog

Art blog for Flamerick Art on Youtube. This will track daily musings of Goh Daolin and his art works and review current trends and new scrapbooking and mixed media products. 


5 Questions and Made With Love Design Team Project 12

Daolin Goh

Hey all! Sorry that I have been away! Been too caught up "eating sand" when I was called back for outfield in the Air Force for the entire month of October. 

For my international readers, in Singapore, all healthy men are required to be conscripted into the Army/Air Force/Navy for two years after the age of 16. After that two years, we are still called back annually for training and exercises which sometimes involves going off to deserts or the forests for a short period. 

That aside, it seems that I will be putting up more content from now on since the "dust have settled" so to speak. 

For this round of Design Team, we were given 5 questions to share about ourselves as designers and as people. In between the sharing below, I will be sharing a project I did for the store which are mostly from Safari Adventure Collection from Graphic 45 and is available at Made with Love. 

1) Who am I ?

Probably the hardest question out of the lot! I often pride myself in trading off parts of my identity to discover and learn new things so every attempt to answer this question is merely a snapshot of the person I am at the current moment. I was born and raised in Singapore and I am a Pharmacist by training working in a local government-linked hospital. My role focuses on health bioinformatics, procurement and supply chain.  If I am not crafting, you can find me reading, pondering about life, or working out in a gym.  

2) What is my creative style ?

As a reflection of my desire to explore different facets of life through different lenses, my creative style is often quite varied, allowing different influences, both contemporary and traditional, to inform my works. I have found myself gravitating towards old vintage designs or strong graphical/geometric styles.

3) What inspires me ?


For me, it isn't just the visual components of daily life that inspire me but the ability to feel these things: like a brick wall, a texture of variety of fabrics, and my most favorite is that of paper! I often also turn to the online community through platforms like Pinterest, Youtube and Facebook to allow other works to inspire me from time to time (especially when I am in a state of creative drought!)

4 What I love about being Singaporean ?

Friends and family. This is the place where I have met most of the people who are important to me and have made this place home. 

5) What do I wish for ?

I wish for people to extend graciousness rather than selfishness, and embrace an attitude of abundance rather than scarcity. We can all afford to win one less argument, and to share what we have with another. 

Til next time!