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Flamerick Art Blog

Art blog for Flamerick Art on Youtube. This will track daily musings of Goh Daolin and his art works and review current trends and new scrapbooking and mixed media products. 


Made With Love Design Team Project Anthology Decor

Daolin Goh

Products can be found at Made With Love:

Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Stain Brushed Corduroy
Ranger Dina Wakley Media Acrylic Paint Medieval
Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Paint Old Paper
Ranger TIm Holtz Distress Oxide Walnut Stain
Ranger TIm Holtz Distress Oxide Fossilized Amber

Kaisercraft Anthology Collection Ephemera 12 by 12 paper
Kaisercraft Anthology Collection Botanist 12 by 12 paper
Kaisercraft Pen and Ink Collection Chandelier 12 by 12 paper

Sizzix Bigz L Tim Holtz Tiny Houses
Sizzix Bigz/Texture Fades Tree Rings

I wrestled between whether I wanted to make something function or just something pretty. After some time of consideration, I decided for the latter. It should never be an issue that craft can make something aesthetic and not functional (besides just looking pretty). 



The Anthology collection from Kaisercraft is a beautiful collection of vintage images with rich colours and nature theme. Using the Tim Holtz Tiny Houses, I made the a decoration product with the fussy cut butterflies, flowers and a bird. Enjoy!

Made With Love Design Team Project Pop Up Cards

Daolin Goh

All Supplies are Available at Made With Love:
American Crafts Textured Cardstock White, Sunflower, and Seafoam
Prima Marketing 12 by 12 Havana Collection's Love from Havana, and Scented Notes
Bo Bunny 12 by 12 World Traveler's Collection's Airfare, Postage, Wonderlust, and Roam

Sizzix Bigz Tim Holtz Scroll and Postage Stamp Frame

Stamper's Anonymous Theories and Entomology

Distress Ink Peacock Feathers, Scattered Straw and Black Soot


Pop up cards are fun and are probably also best given by hand (I'm not going to trust all that mechanism to go through the mail man!) Using simple pop up templates, one can really do a lot with it to create fun scenes that pop out inside the cards. I did one summer 180 degree Thank You card using the Havana Collection from Prima, as well as a postcard-inspired 90 degree inspiration card using the World Traveler's Collection from Bo Bunny. 

For how to consider constructing pop-up cards, I highly recommend this link.


A quick note on finding matching cardstock and stamping ink selection: Prima's design papers shows the color palette of the collection at the bottom so it is easy to find the matching ink and cardstock. How cool is that! I used the Seafoam cardstock as a matting base to further accentuate the summer color theme. 

Pop Up Feature!

Pop Up Feature!



For the cardstock, I chose Sunflower based on the yellow Ostrich Postage Stamp from the Postage paper. As the image of the castle that I chose as the multi-color focal image had similar shade of yellow, and blues, the red (out of the basic trio of RBY) was the background that I chose to ground the collage. The message would be intended to be written in the "postcard" inside. How cute is that!  

90 Degree Pop up! So cool!

90 Degree Pop up! So cool!

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you enjoyed the cards!

Made With Love Design Team Project: A Surrealist Collage

Daolin Goh

All products can be found at Made with Love:
Blue Fern Studios 12 by 12 Chesterville
American Craft Red and Black Cardstock
OneCanoeTwo 12 by 12 Flight of moths
Graphic45 12 by 12 Penny's Paper Doll Family Collection Fathers and Sons
Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Theories
Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Entymology
Thinlet dies from Tim Holtz Sizzix Sidekick Bundle
Sizzix Thinlets Framelets Circle
Tim Holtz Ideology Numeric
Tim Holtz Ideology Baseboard Frames
Distress Paint Black Soot
Archival Ink Jet Black

Surrealism started as a artistic methodology and philosophy in the early half of 1900s. While the philosophical movement eventually waned, the impact on art was far reaching and even remains a presence until today. 


What is remarkable about surrealism was at its core, it really was about tapping into the dream state or the illogical imagination as an act of resistance against the oft perceived "hyper logical" and "correctness" of personal narrative, social order and political fascism that was popular in its time (arguably not too much has changed in 100 years!). 


In the design of scrapbooking products over the years, it is difficult to argue that surrealist elements have not entered into the crafting space. Graphic 45 is no stranger to this surrealist collage approach of in designing sets like Steampunk Debutante and Olde Curiosity Shoppe amongst a few. Tim Holtz has introduced elements in his designs of products (especially the in the hardware and vintage photos) that encourages the mixed media artist to play with these elements as pieces rather than a whole. Prima and Kaisercraft have often also incorporated these aspects into their collections from time to time. 

To participate in the continual celebration, and perhaps as a resistance against the mundane "logical" narrative that is still pervasive in our culture on a certain form of success, the oppressive hierarchical social order and the insistence of and obsession of a singular political and historical narrative, I've attempted to do my interpretation of surrealist collage. 

I used distress black soot acrylic paint to paint thick and thin lines. Die cuts of cold geometrical shapes and numbers are disrupted by the stamped image of the insect and the fussy cut moth. Using Graphic45's recent Penny's Paper Dolls collection, I fussy cut out the young boy and layered a matching outfit (and restricted myself to the burgundy color scheme) and made the head a camera. Perhaps, this is a symbolism of the way that our current generations, especially our young, are observing life now, through the lens of curated photography (instagram, and facebook etc), failing to allow the messy aspects of life to capture their imaginations. Gosh, now I feel like an episode of Black Mirror!

Hope you enjoy the collage!


Made With Love Design Team Project: Letter Writing Kit

Daolin Goh

Items are available at Made With Love:

Materials used:

Papers and Embellishments:
Maggie Holmes Flourish 6 x 6 pad
Maggie Holmes Flourish Always, Perennial and Provence
OneCanoeTwo Twilight Flight of Moths
Maggie Holmes Flourish Embroidered Patch
Maggie Holmes Flourish Wood Frames

Media and Stamps:
Distress Oxide Peacock Feathers
Stamp Anonymous Tim Holtz Noble Gents

WRMK Envelope Punch
WRMK Mini Envelope Punch
Mint Stitch Happy (Psst: they are having a sale now, go get it!)

Remember those days where people used to write each other letters rather than sending an email or text? I grew up in the generation that experienced the transition of analogue to automated technologies, and I often find myself enamored by the older way of doing things. 

I love technology (just in case the readers think I'm an old-fashion-live-in-a-cave-luddite), but handwritten correspondences still always finds a way into my heart. This time for the DT project, I decided to make a Letter Writing Kit with the paper and the envelopes all decorated ready for the words to be filled onto the paper and ready for a stamp and address to send it off. 

Maggie Holmes' Flourish collection is one of, if not my most, favorite collection coming out of Creativation 2018. I made many of my embellishments from the cutouts of from the 6 by 6 and the 12 by 12 papers. The WRMK's Stitch Happy helped me in making some truly unique embellishments ready to be used on the box, letters and the envelopes. 

Fussy cut!!!

Fussy cut!!!


Next, I proceeded to make a box from scratch. You could of course use an old box and alter them but I wanted to make my own. For those who want to make your own, the instructions are as below:

1) Cut out 5 chip board or grey board to 4 5/8 inches by 4 5/8 inches
2) Cut out 2 pieces of 4 5/8 inches by 5 5/8 inches (Piece A)) from kraft cardstock while scoring on the longer side 1/2 inch from each sides
3) Cut out 3 pieces of 5 5/8 inches by 5 5/8 inches (Piece B) from kraft cardstock  while scoring 1/2 inch from all sides.
4) Use washi tape to join all four pieces to the centre piece to make a cross shape, make sure to leave about 1/8 inch apart from each piece so it is easier to fold into a box later.
5) stick each of the Piece A and Piece B opposite one another to the four outside pieces. Flip the box around to stick Piece B onto the center. 
6) Fold up the box and stick the flaps onto the respective edges and you get a surface that one can alter. I recommend the Beacons 3 in 1 glue which is also available at Made With Love for this as it is a good heavy duty strong glue. 


Finally I went decorating using the gorgeous paper and embellishments I've made. Enjoy!

The tiny fram cut out is from the frames' packaging!

The tiny fram cut out is from the frames' packaging!

Grimoire-Medieval-Clock themed Vintage Junk Journal

Daolin Goh

I made this book for someone close to my heart. He really liked the theme of clocks and spell-books. I've incorporated elements of that aesthetic in and leaned towards a fantasy medieval take on some of the designs while keeping it basic and filled with white spaces for loads of writing. Do catch the video for a flip through of the book at the bottom of this post.

The faux patina look is achieved through the Patina Effect Paste by Prima Marketing. 



Made With Love Design Team Project - 2018 Resolution Layout

Daolin Goh

All items are available at Made with Love. 

Papers: Kaisercraft Documented 12 by 12 papers: Desktop, Pencils, Chalkboard, Ledger, Lockers, Measurement
Embellishments: Collectables Documented Die Cut Shapes


New year resolutions: one of the yearly rituals that I have a love-hate relationship with.

But there is a certain necessity that demands this ritual. It is not really so much the resolutions themselves that is important but rather what it represents about the year before and the desire that I want to achieve it. 

1. Getting rid of things that don't bring me joy: 
Consumerism is often feeling the emptiness in our hearts but ironically, bringing us less joy for each new thing we buy. Especially for crafters, we have all these wonderful things that is suppose to inspire us. Instead, too much supplies bring us guilt when the paints harden, the ink pads dry up and the washi tape don't stick well anymore. So this year, I want to look through the things which are just there collecting dust and giving them new homes and focus on using a small limited set of supplies which are often more than enough to get the job done.

2. Save more money:
Because we can always save just a little more for future rainy days. And as above, I really don't have to spend so much, right?

3. Be a better brother and son:
There is always a little guilt each year when I reflect back on my relationships and realized I have gotten mad when I should not have or gotten impatient with my loved ones for very small things. May I strive to be better this year. 


4. Lead. Don't Wallow:
In the past year, in my relationships and at work, I find myself sometimes paralyzed and then my lack of decision causes things to go south. I end up feeling even more depressed and anxious and everything spirals into a toxic cycle where I feel even more paralyzed. It is time to become brave and break this cycle. 

5. Increase flexibility and functional fitness:
Last year, a few injuries on my back muscles caused excruciating pain at my hips, lower back and spine, and put me out of being physically active for a good part of the year. All because I have not have focus on the correct posture, have not been focusing on my form and flexibility. These are things that I often take for granted when I was young. Here's to a healthier physical body. 


6. Get things done:
Procrastination, and consequently pulling magic out of a hat at the very last minute, only work so often. Getting things done can also help encourage me and give me a sense of accomplishment. If being joyful and happy starts with the mundane, I should be focusing on all the little victories I can get. 

7. Read 6 books:
If one doesn't read new perspectives and learn new things, one can really regress in self-reflexivity and stop growing mentally and emotionally . Especially in in becoming busier and busier each day, it is important to equip myself with knowledge, both in breadth and depth. 

Here's to a happy 2018 everyone! What are your resolutions for 2018 and the reflection for the year of 2017? 


Made With Love Design Team Project - DIY Christmas Decorations

Daolin Goh

This is how you know Christmas is coming.

1. There are less and less people working in the office.
2. It is harder to get people for meetings. 
3. The shopping malls are playing Christmas songs (thank God for Pentatonix!)
4. And you have loads of Christmas gifts and commissioned work to make. 

I still managed to take time out to make some simple but effective Christmas tree decorations (including a paper bauble hot air balloon with a deer in it!) Pictures down below. Enjoy!

*All supplies are available at Made with Love*

Supplies used:

Tim Hotlz 8" by 8" Mini Stash Paper Pad
Simple Stories 12" by 12" Very Merry Collection - Happy Holidays and O Holy Night Collection - The First Noel
Graphics 45 12" by 12" Winter Wonderland Collection: Woodland Whimsy, Holly Berries, Rustic Holiday, Scandinavian Sampler
Kaisercraft Romatique Gold Frames Paper with Foil
Size 8 Tags

Tim Holtz Ideology Christmas Quote Chips
Tim Holtz Ideology Christmas Decorative Deer
Tim Holtz Ideology Bouquet
Red White Baker's Twine, Green Twine
Tim Holtz Ideology Design Tape Aristocrat

Tim Holtz Sizzix Paper Rosette and Mini Paper Rosette
Tim Holtz Sizzix Bigz Tiny Houses and Scroll
American Craft Red Cardstock


Made With Love Design Team Project - Fall/Autumn Junk Journal

Daolin Goh

All materials used can be found at Made With Love.

Materials used:
Bo Bunny Dreams of Autumn Ephemera
Bo Bunny 12"by 12"Dreams of Autumn collection: Pines Cones, Autumn Foxes and Autumn Sweater Weather
Carta Bella 12"by 12" Hello Fall - Fall Forest and Falling Leaves
Graphic45 12"by 12" Vintage Hollywood Tinseltown

Mixed Media Products:
Ranger Jet Black Archival Ink
Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Ink Reinker Ground Espresso and Fossilized Amber
Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Fired Brick

Maya Road Steel Dies (Doilies)
Sizzix Thinlets Tim Holtz Travelers Words

Stampers Anonymous Tiny Things 2 and Noble Gentlemen

Red and Cream Ribbon
Red waxed cord

Sometimes, I get inspiration from a product kit with all its eclectic element and build upon it. And one of my favorite products out there is the Bo Bunny Ephemera Kits which are often a fun mish-mash of past collection that works well with the color palette of the current collection. 


Although we don't have fall/autumn in Singapore (we are on the equator!), the colors have always fascinated me and one day I do hope to travel somewhere during their fall season to experience the browns, reds, yellows and oranges. 


The junk journal is done together simply with a pamphlet stitch. Do take Stacy's class which is available at Made With Love which shows the different ways to bind pages to form a book. 

The focus however of today is on the dyed paper. These are copy paper, white cardstock, and note cards that I have dyed with Ground Espresso and Fossilized Amber Distress ink and then subsequently, swiped it against the Barn Door distress oxide smooshed onto the non-stick craft mat spritzed with water. 

Step 1: Take a food zip lock bag and fill it with a small amount of water (make sure it is not leaking!)
Step 2: Drop in 2 dropper load full of Tim Holtz' Ground Espresso Re-inker solution into the bag and mix it well. 
Step 3: Put the papers into the bag and let it soak for a few minutes after sealing the zip lock bag.
Step 4: Fill a spritzer bottle with 1 dropper load full of Tim Holtz' Fossilized Amber Re-inker solution and fill the rest of the bottle with water.
Step 5: Take the paper out of the bag and spritz the areas where the dye didn't fill up with the Fossilized Amber solution. 
Step 6: Take Tim Holtz Fired Brick Distress Oxide ink pad and smoosh onto a Ranger non-stick craft mat and spritz water over it. This activates the Distress Oxide. 
Step 7: Use the Ranger Heating Tool and proceed to dry each piece of paper and dab gently onto the Barn Door Distress Oxide halfway through drying process and continue to apply heat until it is completely dry. Watch the oxide magic happen!


I chose some fall papers that I've cut down to 6" by 9" and selected some of the 6" by 9" papers from the ephemera kit. With the dyed paper and the fall themed papers, I folded them into four signatures to be sewed into the book. 

I made little tabs from the die cut circle pieces from the ephemera kit as well as die cut doilies that were also dyed in the same way. I also fussy cut around some of the design paper for the autumn leaves medallions. I took the die cuts from the kit as well as cut outs from Graphic45's Tinseltown 12" by 12" paper from the Vintage Hollywood collection to fill the book with photomats, embellishments and mini cards. Some of the left over dyed paper I cut into smaller pieces and stamped Stampers Anonymous' images from the Noble Gentleman and Tiny Things 2 collection. 



Made With Love Design Team Project - A Nature Journal of Quotes

Daolin Goh

*All supplies are available at Made With Love*

Vicki Boutin - Watercolor Journaling Pages (they take on water based medium really really well)
American Crafts - Cardstocks
Pink Paislee - Spellcast 12
Graphic45 - Nature Sketchbook's Diary of a botanist

Dina Wakley Media Acrylic Paint Ruby and Night
Distress Paint Evergreen Bough and Mustard Seed
Distress Oxides: Fossilized Amber, Peacock Feathers, Fired Brick and Walnut Stain

Tim Holtz Mini Stencils Set 29 and Stencil THS009

Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous Illustrated Garden


Sometimes, life can throw many challenges at you all at the same time and one can easily feel overwhelmed. So whenever I can, I take a little trip down to Bedok Reservoir to look at nature and look at the weeping willows, the trees and the water. 

This time, I was very much inspired to do a nature journal but instead of filling it with writings on the object of nature, I filled it instead with my favorite quotes. Some of this quotes are written by a friend (who also provided some of the nice nature sketches too). 

Because I can't draw to save my life, I got a friend who was a sweetheart that could do really nice sketches to add to the quote book. 


In terms of the creative direction, I wanted the following elements: clean and simple mixed media, minimalism and letting the words speak for themselves.


A few tips: 
1) Always consider different ways to introduce words into quote books: brush lettering, regular writing, typewriter etc. to add interest and emphasis on the words you want the most attention to be drawn to. It is your book, so you can decide on the sort of focus you want. 
2) Keep it simple and make it about the words and not about the images. They help to frame and tell your stories and not the other way around. Hence I went for a more minimalist approach to the design. 
3) I intend to continue adding new pages along the way so consider a format of a book where pages can be added in easily. 

Hope you enjoyed the project.

Made With Love Design Team Project - Vanishing Point Mixed Media Collage

Daolin Goh

Continuing with the direction towards a more geometric spin towards my work. Here I explored the idea of vanishing point which is a common technique used by photographers and architects to express dimension and perspective. 

First I wanted a nice distress background with some distress oxides and distress inks. The colors I choose was really to match the theme of my cut-outs (see the next step!)

Supplies: Wild Honey, Black Soot, and Vintage Photo Distress Oxide and Pine Needles and Candied Apple Distress Ink.

I used a smoosh-ing technique with acrylic block and water onto watercolor paper mounted on greyboard. 

Next, I fussy cut out different sizes of characters from graphic45 lovely images from the Master Detective and the Vintage Hollywood. 

Supplies: Master Detective Collection's It's Elementary Paper and Vintage Hollywood Collection's Tinseltown.

Vanishing point technique: I cut my 12 by 12 paper of two pieces to the same size as the watercolor paper. I first marked the center and then pasted square or rectangular pieces of another pattern paper on "random" places on each paper. I then draw the closest 2 to 3 corners to the center point with a pencil. That makes the singular unit of the vanishing point unit. 

Important things to note:
1) The square or rectangular pieces should be in the same direction through out (it will look less confusing on the final piece)
2) Rectangles or squares that crosses the horizon line only has TWO lines to the center. 

Supplies: Kaisercraft Storybook Collection's Pages Paper, Blue fern Studio's Chesterville's Hargrave Paper and Graphic45 Master Detective Collection's Get a Clue Paper

Then I shaded the shadows with walnut stain with a simple masking technique. Units that I expected to be above the horizon, I shaded the bottom while those I expected below the horizon, I shaded the top. This creates the illusion of dimension that is consistent with light coming from the vanishing point. 

Supplies: Distress Ink Walnut Stain

The rest is about maintaining the direction of the cut out units and layering them on the background. 

Firstly, I found the middle of the watercolor board and then pasted the first layer over it. Additionally, I used a thin marker (important) nib pen (the smash book pen is amazing for this!) to draw additional boxes. 

Supplies: Smashbook Pen

Then I pasted on a second layer of the vanishing point units as well as the cut outs on top of these pieces. I double layered the pop up adhesive when required. 

Enjoy the pictures!